The Renew Health Difference

Pelvic health done differently. 

Our doctors of physical therapy have specialized training and experience in pelvic health conditions. 

You have dedicated time with your practitioner. Most of our clients have "failed" physical therapy, but, physical therapy failed them. 


  • You deserve the best care. This means undivided attention. Not hooking you up to a machine. Not leaving you with ice packs or hot packs and certainly no "cookie cutter" program. You will no longer be the victim of "just do Kegels". You will be working with clinicians that dedicate their careers to pelvic health (not an 'add-on' or afterthought to an ortho clinic). 
  • 75 minute evaluations. We spend the time to not only listen to your full story but to perform a comprehensive evaluation including an orthopedic examination and a pelvic floor muscle assessment with consent. We value a "whole body" approach. You will no longer feel like a number in a busy medical-based practice.  
  • Pelvic Health conditions are complex. It is our mission to find the root cause of your symptoms.  
  • Collaboration. It is our priority at Renew Health to focus on your goals. 
  • Communication. Knowledge and education is power. We provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision in your care.

The experience you will receive at Renew Health is far from what you have experienced in the past. 

You will never feel rushed and you will have open communication with your therapist during and between treatment sessions. 

The first step can be scary to take but so worth it. 


Our Mission

At Renew Health, our mission is to create a positive change in the community by providing a new standard of care and greater access to pelvic health services. We help all genders mitigate symptoms of pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse, etc. in order to live healthy and active lifestyles. We prepare birthing persons for successful labor and delivery as well as providing the much needed postpartum care that is often ignored in traditional medical models. We accomplish this with our one-on-one treatment that is focused on the whole individual, continuous patient education, and by creating a healing environment that fosters trust, compassion, and the ability to be proactive in healthcare.

Renew Health is a LGBTQIA+ friendly practice. We acknowledge and respect the diversity of bodies, genders and relationships.

Our Core Values