Are You Looking for ABSolutely Great Results for Your Belly Pooch?

Mar 23, 2023

Are you struggling with diastasis recti or a “belly pooch” that just won’t go away? 😒

You’ve tried it all. You’ve done a hundred crunches per day. You’ve done every plank variation imaginable. You’ve hit the gym consistently. Yet…you’re still here.

 Diastasis recti is a separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs during pregnancy, and it can result in a protruding belly that is difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise alone.

There is a chance that your pelvic floor is the culprit of your prolonged struggle with belly pooching. 

So let me ask you this…

Have you consistently worked your abs and noticed no change or even a worsening of your belly pooch or separation? 

This is because too much “ab” work without release work can actually over-tighten the pelvic floor which can cause pressure to push out into the abdomen.

This reminds me of a particular patient that I have worked with recently. She came to Renew Health with a 4 finger-width diastasis recti after giving birth to her two children. 

She did it all… 

She worked with a personal trainer for over a year, she watched every YouTube video to “cure” her diastasis and she tried every diet you could think of.

She was fed up!

She was skeptical on our initial discovery call. We chatted through her pelvic health symptoms, her childbirth history, her exercise routine and more. 

She scheduled a 90-minute evaluation for the next week and had 3 additional appointments before her 4 finger-width separation turned into a 2 finger-width separation. 

She was blown away by the results. 

This wasn’t rocket science. She had amazing results because her problem was finally diagnosed properly. 

I truly hope that this helps. Text me at (413) 203-9321 if you have any questions. 

-Dr. Bree and Dr. Alyssa




Renew Health is committed to changing the way that pelvic health is being viewed and delivered. Together, we can do better. 

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