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June is Prolapse Awareness Month

Women running together, symbolizing the triumph over pelvic organ prolapse and embracing the joy of running for a healthier, empowered life.

Can you Run with a Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

Challenge the misconception: ‘If you have a prolapse, you shouldn’t run.’ Explore how, with expert guidance, running can be part of your journey to manage symptoms and support prolapse recovery.

Coccydynia: A Real Pain in The Butt

Say goodbye to tailbone pain! Learn about coccyx functions and effective tools for relief. Pelvic floor physical therapy can make a difference.

Endo Explained

Endometriosis? Learn more about the symptoms, potential impacts on your life, and what you can do about it.

The Lowdown On Low Libido

Revitalize your libido! Hormonal changes, relationship dynamics, medical conditions, fatigue, and pain can impact desire. Pelvic floor PT and supportive products offer holistic solutions.

Why Do Moms Often Have Back Pain?

Back pain relief starts with pelvic floor care! Learn how breathing, core strength, and proper lifting mechanics can transform your postpartum experience.

C-Section Considerations

Healing after a c-section? Prioritize pelvic rehab! Address pelvic floor symptoms with expert guidance.