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The Lowdown On Low Libido

Nothing kills your sex drive more than stress, but we know that there are several other factors that can contribute to decreased libido in women.

1. Hormonal changes: Hormonal imbalances, such as those that occur after childbirth or during menopause, can negatively impact a woman’s sex drive. Raging hormones, a changing body, and new added stress may affect a woman both mentally and physically.

2. Relationship difficulties and/or lack of boundaries: Issues with a partner is not sexy. Poor communication, lack of respect and/or lack of trust may lead to a lack of intimacy. An overall lack of intimacy can be a significant source of dissatisfaction in relationships. (A future blog post will be all about regaining intimacy that you are craving!)

3. Medical conditions: Depression and anxiety along with medications can also contribute to decreased libido in women. Use of substances or prescription medication may alter the ability to become aroused, sustain arousal, and reach orgasm.

4. Fatigue: Have you ever come home from a long day at work to 1. Dishes piled high in the sink. The kids running around 3. The chicken you forgot to take out of the freezer, still in the freezer 4. Emails to catch up on from the busy day…oh and the house is an absolute disaster. This doesn’t put most in the mood 😪. 

5. Pain with sex: Sex shouldn’t hurt….well, unless you want it too 😈. But we are talking about sex that we want to be pleasurable, but just isn’t 😥.

As pelvic floor physical therapists, we address the underlying root cause of sexual dysfunction as it relates to the pelvic floor. There are products that may assist in sexual intercourse while therapy addresses you as a whole.

Using products such as the OhNut ( can help with deeper penetration as a means of limiting depth without sacrificing sensation. Pelvic wands and pelvic dilators (used with the guidance and instruction of a pelvic floor PT) is also a great treatment option (

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It’s important to note that decreased libido is a common concern for many women and can be addressed with the help of a team of healthcare providers. 


If you have been struggling with painful or unpleasant sexual intercourse, shoot us a text at 413-203-9321. We’ll set up a free call and discuss how we can help!


Your Renew Health Team 💛

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