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Why Do Moms Often Have Back Pain?

Did you know that updated studies show that 85-90% of individuals with low back pain have a pelvic floor related dysfunction?

It is very well known that moms typically experience back pain during pregnancy and postpartum. We want to emphasize that women should not endure pain during pregnancy as most aches/pains can be addressed in pelvic floor physical therapy. But anyways, it often boils down to two common reasons why moms have back pain postpartum (aside from hormonal considerations, lack of sleep, diet, etc.)

1. Weak core and glutes (again, mom butt is a thing đŸĨ˛)

2. Poor lifting mechanics.

So where do we start?

Breathing. Learning how to perform 360-degree breathing is essential during pregnancy and postpartum.

Learning proper body mechanics. In this video, you will see the difference between a hip hinge (😃) and a rounded lumbar spine (☚ī¸). Now, this isn’t to say that everyone should avoid a rounded spine. If we properly desensitize and load this movement, it can be healthy. But moms don’t always fit into that category (at least not early on). This is why we love the hip hinge.

Ouch! But it hurts to hip hinge!

Hmmm….why is that?

1. Rib cage isn’t properly stacked over the pelvis.

2. Too much lumbar extension or flexion (think exaggerated anterior or posterior tilts of the pelvis).

How do we improve lifting mechanics? We practice. We also unclench our glutes, we learn how to hip hinge, we bring the object close to our body, we load appropriatelyand we use proper breathing strategies.

And, remember to train and practice lifting your babies! Make it a goal to lift a dumbbell or kettlebell, 10, 20, or even 30# heavier than your child. When your kids are running around (our patients say “it’s like trying to herd kittens” 😂) you will have the strength, core stability, and confidence to lift at even an awkward angle.


If you have been struggling with back pain for weeks, months, or years, it may be time to invest in yourself. We aren’t suppose to suffer with back pain. 


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